progress on my tripptic

I started this drawing around Octobear (I like to spell it like that). I finished it in February ,but I was waiting to deliver it before uploading the pictures.

Anonymous said: Por que todos los hombres que me gustan son idiotas?

no lo se pero supong que eres mariana? i si no la respuesta es que tal ves lo son . La inteligencia es un termino muy relativo. en el sentido de que el concepto de intelecto no tiene una definicion simple. Para más información, wikipedia jaja

Drawing I am working on right now. The Faces are Guthrie Govan, Tal Wilkenfield*, Paul gilbert, Frank (of course zappa, do you know any other important frank?) Bryan Beller, Marco Minneman, Cabral , Roger waters and Les Claypool.  oh, and steven wilson

Finally I finished my mural. Here the worst video i have ever made in my life.

I am done with my Tae Kwon Do mural. I love it and i hope you too.